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Auburn Riverside Hosts JV Tournament

10 junior varsity teams will take part in Auburn Riverside's JV Tournament at the Auburn Aquatic Center on Saturday, October 18. Each team will play four games; each game will have four six-minute quarters. Their will be a daily admission charge of $6 for adults, $4 for students, and $2 for senior citizens and children. Best of luck to all the teams participating!

  7:00 Auburn Mountainview vs. Kentridge
  7:30 Curtis vs. Bellevue
  8:00 Auburn Mountainview vs. Curtis
  8:30 Bellevue vs. Kentridge
  9:00 Bellevue vs. Auburn Mountainview
  9:30 Kentridge vs. Curtis
10:00 Mercer Island vs. Auburn Mountainview
10:30 Wilson vs. Bellevue
11:00 Curtis vs. Mercer Island
11:30 Kentridge vs. Wilson
12:00 Mercer Island vs. Gig Harbor
12:30 Auburn Riverside vs. Wilson
  1:00 Puyallup vs. Mercer Island
  1:30 Wilson vs. Newport
  2:00 Gig Harbor vs. Auburn Riverside
  2:30 Gig Harbor vs. Newport
  3:00 Auburn Riverside vs. Puyallup
  3:30 Newport vs. Puyallup
  4:00 Newport vs. Auburn Riverside
  4:30 Puyallup vs. Gig Harbor