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Hornets Clinch East Division Title

The Enumclaw High School Girls Water Polo Team clinched the East Division title on Tuesday, May 3, with a 12-3 win over the Auburn Trojans.

The Hornets improved their league record to 8-0 with two league games remaining. All of Enumclaw's East Division opponents have three or more league losses, and are mathematically unable to catch the Hornets.

Winning the East Division earns the Hornets the #1 East seed entering the Region II Tournament starting on Friday, May 20 at Curtis High School. As a result, Enumclaw will play the South #4 seed in the first round of the Regional Tournament.

The Hornets have two league games remaining - against Auburn Mountainview on Thursday, and Kentridge on Tuesday. Additionally, Enumclaw will host three non-league games after their final league game, prior to the Regional Tournament. The Hornets will host Stadium on Thursday, May 12, South Kitsap on Saturday, May 14, and Peninsula on Tuesday, May 17.

Two Weeks Left in Regular Season

With two weeks remaining in the girls water polo regular season, teams are wrapping up their league games. Of the 26 games scheduled this week, all but two are league games.
Remember, the schedule posted is subject to change.

Monday, May 2
5:00 Lincoln 19, Foss 10
5:45 Inglemoor 1, Newport 15
5:45 Mercer Island 3, Bellevue 8
8:50 Shorecrest at Roosevelt (Helene Madison)

Tuesday, May 3
3:30 Foss at Gig Harbor
4:30 Peninsula at Lincoln
5:30 Enumclaw 12, Auburn 3
6:00 Bainbridge Island 19, Stadium 11
7:00 Peninsula at Lakes
7:00 South Kitsap 3, Wilson 20
7:30 Tahoma 6, Auburn Mountainview 9
8:45 Auburn Riverside at Kentridge (Lindbergh)

Wednesday, May 4
3:15 Puyallup at Rogers
5:30 Auburn Mountainview at Emerald Ridge (Rogers)
5:45 Shorecrest at Newport (Newport Hills)
5:45 Inglemoor at Bellevue (Woodridge)
8:45 Mercer Island at Shorewood (Helene Madison)

Thursday, May 5
3:30 Stadium at Peninsula
3:45 Wilson at Bainbridge Island
4:00 Gig Harbor at South Kitsap
7:20 Emerald Ridge at Curtis
7:30 Auburn at Auburn Riverside (Auburn)
7:30 Auburn Mountainview at Enumclaw

Friday, May 6
3:30 Foss at Peninsula
3:45 Inglemoor at Mercer Island (Mary Wayte)

Saturday, May 7
Kentridge at Tahoma (Covington)

Hornets Unbeaten in League Play Through April

After seven weeks of competition, the Enumclaw High School Girls Water Polo team remains unbeaten in league play, with a 7-0 league record, and a 15-5 overall record.

The Hornets returned from Spring Break last week to earn their seventh league win, with a 7-3 win over the much improved Tahoma Bears at the Covington Aquatic Center on Tuesday.

The Hornets travelled to Auburn on Saturday for the Auburn School District Tournament, and played four games in a four hour stretch. The Hornets finished the day with three wins - 4-0 vs Auburn, 9-0 vs Puyallup, and 6-2 in their second game against Auburn - and a 7-8 loss to Bainbridge Island, where an intense Hornet effort came up just short on  a late Bainbridge exclusion.

Enumclaw has three league games remaining, and play two of them this week. On Tuesday the Hornets return to Auburn to face the Trojans at 5:30. The Hornets host Auburn Mountainview on Thursday at 7:30.

Next week Enumclaw will finish off league play, facing Kentridge in a late game at Lindbergh High School on Tuesday. The Hornets will close their regular season with three non-league games before the post-season, hosting Stadium on Thursday, May 12, South Kitsap on Saturday, May 14, and Peninsula on Tuesday, May 17.

The Hornets start post-season play at the Region II Tournament on Friday, May 20, at Curtis High School.

Details will be available on this site, and on our Twitter feed @EnumclawPolo as they become available.

Official Washington State Standings

League officials posted the girls water polo standings after the completion of the April 27 games. At the end of the regular season, the top four teams from each division will advance to the Regional Tournaments on May 20 and 21. The top four teams from each Regional Tournament will advance to the State Tournament, held May 26-28 at Curtis High School, in University Place, WA.

With two weeks remaining in league play, there is still ample opportunity for changes in the standings. Enumclaw Water Polo will post updates as they become available on this site, and on Twitter @EnumclawPolo.

Best of luck to all teams through the rest of the season.

Three Weeks Left in Regular Season

Three weeks remain in the girls water polo regular season in Washington State, with Regional Tournament action in less than a month, on May 20 and 21.

The Region I Tournament, at Curtis High School, will include the top four teams from the South Division and East Division. The top four teams from the North and West Divisions will compete in the Region II Tournament, at Rogers High School.

This week's regular season action will include 20 league games, and end with 13 schools competing at the annual Auburn School District Tournament at the Auburn Pool on Friday and Saturday.

Enumclaw Water Polo posts each week's schedule, as posted on the officials' online schedule. PLEASE NOTE: times and locations are subject to change. Please confirm game specifics with your team.

Monday, April 25

3:15 Lakes 6, Rogers 5
7:00 Lincoln 0Wilson 17
8:00 Newport at Roosevelt (Sand Point CC)

Tuesday, April 26
3:30 Stadium 3, Gig Harbor 20
4:00 Tahoma 6, Puyallup 16
4:30 Bainbridge Island 10, Lincoln 2
5:00 Foss at South Kitsap
7:00 Peninsula 6Wilson 18
8:30 Inglemoor at Kentridge (Lindbergh)

Wednesday, April 27
3:20 Enumclaw 7, Tahoma 3
3:45 Roosevelt 11, Mercer Island 10

4:00 South Kitsap 1, Bainbridge Island 19
8:45 Newport at Shorewood (Helene Madison)

Thursday, April 28
3:30 South Kitsap at Peninsula
3:45 Foss at Bainbridge Island
4:30 Gig Harbor at Lincoln
5:45 Shorecrest at Bellevue (Woodridge)
6:00 Wilson 12, Stadium 13
7:20 Puyallup 1, Curtis 14
7:30 Auburn Mountainview at Auburn Riverside (Auburn)
8:45 Auburn at Kentridge (Lindbergh)

Friday, April 29
3:00 Auburn School District Tournament
8:20 Shorewood 4, Inglemoor 10

Saturday, April 30
1:00 Auburn School District Tournament
2:00 Bellevue at Gig Harbor

Four Weeks of Regular Season Play Remain

Four weeks of regular season remain in the Washington State girls water polo season, and teams are facing their division opponents for the second time.

Enumclaw Water Polo posts each week's schedule, as posted on the official's online schedule. PLEASE NOTE: schedules are subject to change without notice. Please confirm your team's game time and location.

Monday, April 18
4:30 Rogers 3, Puyallup 15
5:30 Curtis 19, Emerald Ridge 1
5:45 Roosevelt 5Bellevue 6

Tuesday, April 19
3:20 Auburn Mountainview 6Tahoma 7
3:45 South Kitsap at Bainbridge Island
5:00 Wilson 16, Foss 0
5:30 Kentridge 14, Auburn Riverside 7
6:00 Lincoln 0, Stadium 17
7:30 Puyallup 15, Auburn 5

Wednesday, April 20
3:15 Curtis 19, Rogers 2
3:45 Bellevue 10, Mercer Island 3
7:00 Emerald Ridge at Lakes
8:20 Newport 13, Inglemoor 2
8:45 Roosevelt at Shorecrest (Helene Madison)

Thursday, April 21
7:00 Bainbridge Island 7Wilson 12
7:20 Mercer Island 0Curtis 18
7:30 Kentridge 5Auburn Mountainview 9

Friday, April 22
3:30 Foss at Peninsula
4:00 Auburn Mountainview 18, South Kitsap 5
5:30 Auburn at Emerald Ridge (Rogers)
5:45 Mercer Island at Newport (Newport Hills)
7:00 Inglemoor 8Lakes 21

Saturday, April 23
9:45 Tahoma 0Curtis 16
1:00 Auburn at South Kitsap

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