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Third Week of High School Water Polo

Washington State girls high school water polo games continue this week, with only 21 games scheduled this week. as several school districts enjoy Spring Break.

photo courtesy Brenda Sexton
Enumclaw Water Polo will post the schedule each week, as listed on the officials' online schedule. PLEASE NOTE – details are subject to change without notice. We recommend checking with the team you hope to cheer for before game time.

The Hornets will post their game results as they become available on Twitter @EnumclawPolo. Best of Luck to all the teams throughout the season!

Monday, March 30
4:45 Shorewood at Newport
8:15 Bellevue 6 at Inglemoor 3 (Aqua Club)

Tuesday, March 31
3:30 Curtis 19 at Sumner 2 (Curtis)
5:30 Enumclaw 17 at Auburn Mountainview 6 (Auburn)
7:30 Auburn Riverside 14 at Auburn 7
9:00 Tahoma 18 at Kentridge 8 (Covington)

Wednesday, April 1
3:15 Auburn Riverside 14 at Rogers 8
3:45 Inglemoor at Mercer Island (Mary Wayte)
7:30 Roosevelt 6 at Gig Harbor 12
8:30 Kentridge 3 at Enumclaw 18

Thursday, April 2
3:15 Rogers at Shorewood (Shoreline)
3:30 Kentridge 11 at Sumner 14
5:45 Newport 8 at Bellevue 2 (Woodridge)
6:20 Gig Harbor 16 at Curtis 6
7:30 Auburn 16 at Auburn Mountainview 9 (Auburn)

Friday, April 3
3:15 Mercer Island 10 at Shorewood 3 (Shoreline)
8:30 Inglemoor at Roosevelt (Helene Madison)

Saturday, April 4
1:30 Shorewood at Emerald Ridge (Rogers)
3:00 Peninsula at Auburn Mountainview (Auburn)
3:15 Shorewood 4 at Puyallup 6 (Rogers)

Hornets Pick Up Two Wins; 3-1 in League Play

Hornets Ready For Thursday's Game Against Auburn
The Enumclaw High School Girls Water Polo Team picked up two wins this week, to improve their league record to 3-1, 3-2 overall.

The Hornets opened the week with a rare Monday night game, hosting the first-year Tahoma Bears. Enumclaw beat the quickly improving Tahoma team, 14-6.

Ten Hornets scored in the win, led by senior captain Bailey Sexton, with three goals. Brandi Meneghini and Lindsay Harms both score two. Hayley Sonneson, Hannah Simurdak, Anna Davenport, Emilie Weyer, Grace Rich, Grace Munnell, and Kate Meneghini each scored one goal.

Lindsey Hanger led the Bears' scoring, with three goals; Hannah Gormley, Nicole McCarthy, and Julia Harry scored one goal apiece.

The Auburn Trojans visited the Enumclaw Aquatic Center on Thursday, and the Hornets beat the Trojans 21-8. Enumclaw's Brandi Meneghini led all scorers, with seven goals. Sonneson, Sexton, and Sierra Clough each scored three, and Anna Davenport scored two. Simurdak, Munnell, and Grace Sales scored one goal each.

Auburn's Brenna Tinsley scored six, and Yelena Zaytseva and Aless Bailey added one each.

The Hornets continue league play next week, traveling to Auburn on Tuesday for a 5:30 game against Auburn Mountainview, and hosting Kentridge on Wednesday at 8:30.

Statewide Schedule, Week Two

Girls high school water polo games continue in Washington State with next week's second week of competition. After an exciting week one, 29 games are scheduled this week; all are league games. Enumclaw Water Polo will post the schedule each week, as listed on the officials' online schedule. PLEASE NOTE – details are subject to change without notice. We recommend checking with the team you hope to cheer for before game time.

The Hornets will post their game results as they become available on Twitter @EnumclawPolo. Best of Luck to all the teams throughout the season!

Monday, March 23
3:15 Roosevelt 12 at Shorewood 6 (Shoreline)
3:30 Emerald Ridge 6 at Sumner 12
4:45 Bainbridge Island 3 at Newport 14
5:30 Mercer Island 7 at Bellevue 8 (Woodridge)
7:00 Rogers 11 at Lakes 12
7:30 Curtis 8 at Puyallup 4
8:30 Tahoma 6 at Enumclaw 14

Tuesday, March 24
3:30 Stadium 25 at South Kitsap 2
4:30 Gig Harbor 22 at Lincoln 2 (Mt. Tahoma)
5:30 Kentridge 8 at Auburn 18
6:15 Foss 0 at Wilson 13
7:30 Auburn Riverside 9 at Auburn Mountainview 2 (Auburn)
9:00 Bellevue 7 at Roosevelt 16 (Helene Madison)

Wednesday, March 25
3:15 Sumner 11 at Rogers 18
3:55 Shorewood 5 at Bainbridge Island 10
5:30 Puyallup 15 at Emerald Ridge 4 (Rogers)
8:15 Newport 16 at Inglemoor 5 (Aqua Club)

Thursday, March 26
3:30 South Kitsap 0 at Gig Harbor 22
3:30 Foss at Peninsula
6:00 Wilson 8 at Stadium 2
6:20 Bellevue 2 at Curtis 18
7:00 Puyallup 13 at Lakes 1
7:30 Auburn 8 at Enumclaw 21

Friday, March 27
3:15 Inglemoor 10 at Shorewood 4 (Shoreline)
3:45 Roosevelt 15 at Mercer Island 6 (Mary Wayte)
3:55 Kentridge at Bainbridge Island
4:45 Gig Harbor 10 at Newport 4

Saturday, March 28
3:00 Auburn Mountainview 8 at Tahoma 20 (Auburn)
4:30 Kentridge 8 at Auburn Riverside 16 (Auburn)
Curtis 11, Mercer Island 0
Roosevelt 10, Curtis 8
Newport 7, Curtis 6

Hornets Finish First Week 1-1 in League Play

The Enumclaw High School Girls Water Polo Team finished the first week of competition 1-1 in league play, 1-2 overall.
On Tuesday the Hornets held their home opener, hosting the state powerhouse Curtis Vikings, last year’s state semi-finalist. Enumclaw scored first, when junior Brandi Meneghini scored on a Hornet power play in the game’s second minute; Enumclaw took a 2-0 lead on their next possession on a goal by senior captain Hayley Sonneson.

Curtis scored 30 seconds later on their own power play to narrow the score. The two defenses held for the last four and a half minutes of the opening period, for a 2-1 Enumclaw lead at the end of one quarter.

Viking Hannah Kim scored twice in the second quarter’s first two minutes, to give Curtis a 3-2 advantage. Defense prevailed for the next three minutes, as both teams went scoreless. Each team scored a goal in the final two minutes of the half, and Curtis held a 4-3 edge at halftime.

Both teams’ offenses picked up steam in the second half, with Curtis outscoring the home team 4-3 in the third period, to take an 8-6 lead into the final quarter. The Vikings’ Mac Higgings scored three quick goals to open the quarter before Sonneson scored for the Hornets, and Curtis added one midway through the period. Both teams went scoreless in the final three minutes, and Curtis earned the 12-7 win.

Seniors Sonneson and Bailey Sexton, and junior Brandi Meneghini scored two apiece for the Hornets; junior Sierra Clough scored one.  Junior goalkeeper Lauren Pratt registered 10 saves. For Curtis, Mac Higgins and Alexia Wander scored four each, and Hannah Km and Willow Lopez-Silvers each scored two.

Thursday the Hornets traveled to Covington to face their first league game of the new season, against Kentridge. Enumclaw grabbed an early lead, with senior captain Bailey Sexton scoring 22 seconds into the game. Five Hornets scored in the opening period, and the visitors held a 6-1 lead at the end of one. Enumclaw scored three in the second quarter, and held Kentridge scoreless for a 9-1 halftime lead.

In the third quarter, Enumclaw added four goals, as Kentridge scored one, and the Hornets led 13-2 with seven minutes remaining. Kentridge outscored the Hornets 4-2 in the final period, as Enumclaw held on for a 15-6 final score.

Nine Hornets scored in the win. Brandi Meneghini scored four, Sexton scored three, and Grace Sales added two. Six girls scored one apiece, including Hannah Simurdak, Anna Davenport, and Madi Woodall. Three first-year players scored their first career water polo goals – Kaitlyn Thorley, Kate Meneghini, and Lindsay Harms. Thorley also grabbed thee saves, playing goalkeeper in the final period. Starting goalkeeper Lauren Pratt earned six saves in three quarters of work.

On Saturday, Enumclaw visited the Auburn Riverside Ravens at the Auburn Pool, for a 5:00 p.m. contest. Both teams played stout defense, scoreless through the first few possessions, until Enumclaw’s Grace Sales broke the deadlock, scoring with 3:50 left in the opening quarter, Riverside’s Charissa Dorn knotted the score at 1-1 with 54 seconds remaining in the period.

Anna Davenport scored on the counter attack midway through the second quarter to give Enumclaw the lead, but Raven Grace Dorn scored two goals late in the quarter, for an Auburn Riverside halftime lead. The Hornets fought back to a tie midway through the third period, but the Ravens scored two quick goals to close out the quarter, taking a 6-4 lead in the final period.

The Hornets played close through most of the final quarter, but the Ravens scored two goals in their last two possessions to clinch the 9-5 victory. Grace Sales, Anna Davenport, Grace Rich, Hayley Sonneson, and Bailey Sexton each scored one goal for the Hornets.

Enumclaw continues league play on Monday, hosting Tahoma in a 8:30 game at the Enumclaw Aquatic Center.

Girls Water Polo Competition Starts Up This Week

Girls high school water polo games start this week in Washington State, with 31 games scheduled over the next six days. Enumclaw Water Polo will post the schedule each week, as listed on the officials' online schedule. PLEASE NOTE – details are subject to change without notice. We recommend checking with the team you hope to cheer for before game time.

The Hornets will post their game results as they become available on Twitter @EnumclawPolo. Best of Luck to all teams throughout the season!

Monday, March 16
3:15 Bainbridge Island 8 at Puyallup 16

Tuesday, March 17
3:30 Wilson 13 at South Kitsap 2
4:30 Foss 2 at Lincoln 14 (Mt. Tahoma)
5:30 Bellevue 6 at Auburn Riverside 5 (Auburn)
7:00 Bainbridge Island 6 at Lakes 11
7:30 Sumner 17 at Auburn Mountainview 5 (Auburn)
7:30 Curtis 12 at Enumclaw 7

Wednesday, March 18
3:15 Bellevue 13 at Shorewood 5 (Shoreline)
4:00 Emerald Ridge 10 at Rogers 4
4:45 Mercer Island 3 at Newport 7
8:15 Roosevelt 24 at Inglemoor 5 (Aqua Club)

Thursday, March 19
3:30 Wilson 13 at Peninsula 5
4:30 South Kitsap 19 at Foss 7
5:30 Tahoma 9 at Auburn Riverside 19 (Auburn)
6:00 Lincoln 2 at Stadium 21
6:20 Lakes 4 at Curtis 19
7:30 Auburn Mountainview 8 at Auburn 9
9:00 Enumclaw 15 at Kentridge 6 (Covington)

Friday, March 20
3:15 Wilson 10 at Rogers 0
3:45 Shorewood 4 at Mercer Island 7 (Mary Wayte)
3:55 Inglemoor 12 at Bainbridge Island 11
4:30 Emerald Ridge at Foss
6:00 Gig Harbor 21 at Stadium 2

Saturday, March 21
1:30 Lakes 16 at Emerald Ridge 4 (Rogers)
3:00 Auburn Mountainview 12 at Kentridge 8 (Auburn)
5:00 Enumclaw 5 at Auburn Riverside 9 (Auburn)

Hornets Wrap Up Second Week at Jamboree

The Enumclaw High School Girls Water Polo Team wrapped up their second week of practice with the annual Curtis Jamboree, at the Curtis Aquatic Center, in University Place, WA.

The Hornets had 14 girls available for the jamboree, and all 14 saw playing time. Six girls played in their first high school water polo contest.

Enumclaw started the day facing the Lakes Lancers, and notched a 6-4 win over the Lancers. Senior captain Hayley Sonneson scored two goals, as did junior Anna Davenport. Senior captain Bailey Sexton scored one, and freshman Grace Rich scored her first goal.

In the Hornets' second game, Enumclaw played Bellevue to a 2-2 tie; Sonneson and junior Brandi Meneghini each scored. Bellevue won the dramatic rock-paper-scissors tiebreaker.

In Enumclaw's third and final game of the day, the Newport Knights knocked off the fatigued Hornets 7-5. Sexton scored three, and Brandi Meneghini and Davenport scored one each in the loss.

The Hornets open regular season play this week, with a non-league home opener against the powerful Curtis Vikings on Tuesday. Enumclaw jumps into league play on Thursday, at the Covington Aquatic Center, for a game against Kentridge, and travel to Auburn on Saturday to face Auburn Riverside.

Busy Week Two For The Hornets

After capping off the first week of practice with an early morning Saturday workout, followed by a team breakfast, the Enumclaw High School Girls Water Polo Team heads into a busy second week of practice on Monday.

The official team picture will be taken during Tuesday's practice, and on Wednesday night the Enumclaw High School Athletic Department will host the Spring Sports Parent Night, at 6:30 in the EHS Commons. Parents will have the opportunity to meet with the Athletic Director, followed by a meeting with the water polo coaches to learn about the game, discuss fundraising and team events, and ask questions.

On Thursday, the Hornets will play their Maroon-White Game, where the Hornets will split into two teams for a full game scrimmage at 3:30 p.m. The Hornets will wrap up their second week of practice with a jamboree on Saturday at Curtis High School, where they will play three half-games – against Lakes at 9:20, Bellevue at 1:20, and Newport at 4:00.

The team opens regular season competition on Tuesday, March 17, when they host the powerful Curtis Vikings at the Enumclaw Aquatic Center, at 7:30.

Updated schedules are available on the 2015 EHS Girls Water Polo Schedule page of this web site. Follow the Hornets on Twitter @EnumclawPolo for up-to-the-minute games results, and other water polo news.

Lady Hornets Launch 2015 Campaign

The Enumclaw High School Girls Water Polo Team launched their 2015 season on Monday, with 19 girls turning out for the first week of practice. 10 Hornets return from the 2014 season, led by Senior Captains Bailey Sexton and Hayley Sonneson. Other veterans returning include senior Madi Woodall, juniors Sierra Clough, Anna Davenport, Brandi Meneghini, Lauren Pratt, Grace Sales, and Hannah Simurdak, and sophomore Emilie Weyer.

Playing water polo for the Hornets for their first year are juniors Lena Freund and Kaitlyn Thorley, and sophomore Shannon Voyles. Freshmen joining the squad are Madison Ely, Morgan Hall, Lindsay Harms, Kate Meneghini, Grace Munnell, and Grace Rich.

The Hornets open competition this spring with the Curtis Jamboree on March 14, in University Place, WA. Enumclaw's first regular season game will be on March 17, when the Hornets host Curtis High School at the Enumclaw Aquatic Center in a 7:30 contest. A JV game will follow the varsity competition.

March 14th Jamboree Schedules

Girls Water Polo Season is Here!

The Washington State Girls High School Water Polo Season starts today, Monday, March 3, with 27 teams starting practice. Competition starts on Saturday, March 14, with two jamborees. Eight teams will take part in a jamboree at Curtis High School, in University Place, WA; 12 teams will participate in a jamboree at Rogers High School, in Puyallup, WA. Regular season competition starts on Monday, March 16.

The Girls Water Polo League has four divisions – the East Division includes Auburn, Auburn Mountainview, Auburn Riverside, Enumclaw, Kentridge, and Tahoma. The West Division includes Foss, Gig Harbor, Lincoln, Mt. Tahoma, Peninsula, South Kitsap, Stadium, and Wilson. Bainbridge Island, Belleviue, Inglemoor, Mercer Island, Newport, Roosevelt, and Shorewood compete in the North Division, and Curtis, Emerald Ridge, Lakes, Puyallup, Rogers, and Sumner make up the South Division.

Four teams from each division will advance to a Regional Tournament, on May 15 and 16, and four teams from each Regional Tournament will advance to the State Tournament, held May 21-23 at Curtis High School.

The season's competition will open at the two jamborees on Saturday, March 14. Curtis, Lakes, Bellevue, Newport, Enumclaw, Gig Harbor, Stadium, and Wilson will compete at the Curtis jamboree. Tahoma, Emerald Ridge, Sumner, Kentridge, Auburn, Lincoln, Bainbridge Island, Rogers, Puyallup, Roosevelt, Auburn Mountainview, and Shorewood will see their first action at the Rogers jamboree.

Good Luck to all the teams this season!