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Winter Polo Starts at Enumclaw Pool

Winter Open Pool Water Polo has started at the Enumclaw Aquatic Center. Open Pool workouts are open to middle school and high school boys and girls of all abilities.

Open Pool is a great opportunity for new players to learn the game, and returning players to improve their conditioning, prior to the start of the  high school girls' season.

For more information, contact Enumclaw coach Bob Averill at enumclawpolo@gmail.com.

Curtis Vikings Repeat as State Champions

The Curtis High School Boys Water Polo Team clinched their second consecutive Washington State Championship on Saturday, November 12, with an 11-6 win over North Division and Region I Champion Bellevue. The Vikings went undefeated this season, compiling a 27-0 regular season record, and a 6-0 record in the post-season.

Bellevue played in the championship game for their sixth straight year, having faced Curtis in the title game four of the past five years. The Wolverines last claimed the State Championship in 2014.

Final State Standings:
1. Curtis
2. Bellevue
3. Mercer Island
4. Roosevelt
5. Bainbridge Island
6. Gig Harbor
7. Puyallup
8. Shorewood.

Saturday's Results:
Bainbridge Island 7, Mercer Island 11
Gig Harbor 5, Roosevelt 12
Shorewood 10, Puyallup 18 7th/8th
Bainbridge Island 6, Gig Harbor 4 5th/6th
Mercer Island 10, Roosevelt 9 3rd/4th
Curtis 11, Bellevue 6 Championship Game

Curtis vs. Bellevue, Again

For the fourth time in five years, Curtis and Bellevue will play each other in the Washington State Boys Water Polo Championship Game. The game will take place Saturday at 7:00, at the Curtis Aquatic Center.

The two teams earned their return trip to the Championship Game with wins in Friday's semi-final action. Curtis advanced with an 11-6 win over Mercer Island in Friday's first semi-final game, and Bellevue punched their ticket to the Title Game with a win over Roosevelt, 13-4, in the second semi-final.

Friday's Results:
Gig Harbor 13, Shorewood 12 OT
Puyallup 5, Bainbridge Island 7
Mercer Island 6, Curtis 11
Roosevelt 4, Bellevue 13

Saturday's first two games will determine who will play in the third place game later in the day. At 10:00, Bainbridge Island will face Mercer Island; Gig Harbor and Roosevelt will play at 11:30. The winners of these games will play for third and fourth place in State at 5:00. The teams that lose those early games will face off at 3:00 for fifth and sixth place.

At 1:00 Saturday Shorewood and Puyallup will play for seventh and eighth place.

Saturday's Schedule:
10:00 Game 9 Bainbridge Island vs Mercer Island
11:30 Game 10 Gig Harbor vs Roosevelt
1:00 Game 11 Shorewood vs Puyallup
3:00 Game 12 Loser Game 9 vs Loser Game 10
5:00 Game 13 Winner Game 9 vs Winner Game 10
7:00 Game 14 Championship Game Curtis vs Bellevue

State Round One Results

All is quiet at the Curtis Aquatic Center after Thursday's first round of State Tournament action. With wins in the first round, four teams advance to Friday's semi-final round, and the opportunity to play in Saturday's State Championship game.

Thursday's Results:
Gig Harbor 4, Mercer Island 9
Shorewood 1, Curtis 19
Roosevelt 11, Puyallup 7
Bainbridge Island 3, Bellevue 17

Mercer Island, Curtis, Roosevelt, and Bellevue all won their first round games, and will play in semi-final games on Friday. Mercer Island and Curtis will play each other in the first semi-final game at 6:30, and Roosevelt will face Bellevue in the second semi-final game at 8:00. The winning teams in the two semi-final games will play for the State Championship at 7:00 Saturday night.

The four teams that lost in Thursday's opening round - Gig Harbor, Shorewood, Puyallup, and Bainbridge Island - will play on Friday, as well, and could still finish as high as third place in the tournament. All teams will continue play on Saturday.

Eight Teams Advance to State

Eight teams have qualified for next weekend's Washington State Boys Water Polo Championship Tournament, based on their performances at last weekend's Regional Tournaments.

Bellevue and Curtis went undefeated through their Regional Tournaments to each claim a Regional Championship and a number one seed from their respective regions.

Also qualifying for the State Tournament were Mercer Island, Puyallup, Roosevelt, Gig Harbor, Shorewood, and Bainbridge Island.

The State Tournament will take place next Thursday through Saturday, November 10-12, at Curtis High School, in University Place, WA

Regional Tournament Results
Friday, November 4
Region I at Rogers High School
Roosevelt 15, Auburn Mountainview 7
Auburn 3, Bellevue 23
Auburn Riverside 2, Mercer Island 21
Shorewood 18, Kentridge 17 (OT)
Roosevelt 9, Bellevue 13
Mercer Island 23, Shorewood 5
Region II at Curtis High School
Emerald Ridge 4, Gig Harbor 9
Stadium 0, Curtis 19
Wilson 3, Puyallup 12
Rogers 6, Bainbridge Island 21
Gig Harbor 1, Curtis 19
Puyallup 10, Bainbridge Island 9

Saturday, November 5
Region I at Rogers High School
Auburn Mountainview 19, Auburn 4
Auburn Riverside 13, Kentridge 22
Auburn Mountainview11, Shorewood 14
Kentridge 7, Roosevelt 12
Bellevue 9, Mercer Island 4
Shorewood 6, Roosevelt 15
Region II at Curtis High School
Emerald Ridge 11. Stadium 3
Wilson 15, Rogers 12
Emerald Ridge 0, Bainbridge Island 17
Wilson 8, Gig Harbor 17
Curtis 19, Puyallup 2
Bainbridge Island 3, Gig Harbor 6

Regional Championship Games Tonight

Day one of the Washington State Regional Tournaments has concluded, and four teams have qualified for the State Tournament; four more will qualify on Saturday.

In Region I, Bellevue and Mercer Island beat the competition and will face off in the Region I Championship game at 4:30 on Saturday. Curtis and Puyallup will play for the Region II Title at the same time. All four teams playing in the Regional Championship games have earned berths in next weekend's State Championship Tournament.

The remaining six teams at each Regional tournament will be competing to claim each region's third and fourth place position, for the final four spots in the State Tournament.

Post-Season Games Start Friday

Regular season league play wrapped up this week, and the results are in.

16 teams will advance to post-season play in two eight-team Regional Tournaments. Tournament play starts Friday, November 4, at Rogers High School in Puyallup, and Curtis High School in University Place.

Bellevue, Mercer Island, Roosevelt, and Shorewood, from the North Division, will face East Division teams Kentridge, Auburn Mountainview, Auburn Riverside, and Auburn at the Region I Tournament, at Rogers High School.

The Region II Tournament, held at Curtis High School, will host teams from the South Division - Curtis, Puyallup, Emerald Ridge, and Rogers - and from the West: Bainbridge Island, Gig Harbor, Wilson, and Stadium.

The top four teams from each Regional Tournament will advance to the Washington State Championship Tournament, held November 10-12 at Curtis High School.

Congratulations, and Best of Luck to all the teams competing.

Regular Season Comes to an End

Post-season play starts this Friday, November 4, with Regional Tournaments at Curtis High School and Rogers High School, but there are still a handful of games left earlier this week to close out the regular season.

Listed below are the remaining regular season games, as posted on the officials' web site. All game times and locations are subject to change, so please confirm with your team.

Monday, October 31
5:15 Auburn at Emerald Ridge (Puyallup)
5:30 Stadium at Lakes

Tuesday, November 1
5:00 Mercer Island 2, Curtis 19
7:30 Stadium at Puyallup
8:00 Inglemoor at Auburn
9:20 Auburn Riverside 18, Kentwood 13

Hornets Add Game Against Puyallup

The Enumclaw High School Boys Water Polo Team has added an additional game to close their 2016 season. The Hornets will travel to Puyallup Friday night, October 28, for a 7:30 game against the post-season bound Puyallup Vikings.

Come cheer on the Hornets as they wrap up their season, and support the Vikings as they advance to next week's Regional Tournament.

Get Ready for Regionals

With one week left in the regular season, league standings are nearly final, and regional seedings are taking shape. The top four teams from each league will advance to Regionals, held November 4th and 5th at Rogers Highs School and Curtis High School.

The top four teams from each Regional Tournament will advance to the State Championship Tournament, November 10-12, at Curtis High School, in University Place, WA.

Listed below are the current standings, as posted by the commissioner on Friday, October 21, and post-season tournament brackets.

Boys Enter Last Week of Regular Season

Boys High School Water Polo season enters the final week of regular season league play this week, with 17 league games remaining to determine final league standings. A few non-league games will be held next week, prior to the start of post-season tournament play on Friday, November 4.

The top four teams from each division will advance to a Regional Tournament. The North and East divisions will compete in the Region I Tournament at Rogers High School. The South and West teams will compete at Curtis High School in the Region II Tournament. The top four teams from each Regional Tournament will advance to the State Championship Tournament, held November 10-12 at Curtis High School.

Follow this site, and our Twitter feed @EnumclawPolo, for post-season schedules and results.

This week's games are listed below, as posted on the league officials' web site. All game times and locations are subject to change, so please confirm with your team.

Monday, October 24
4:00 Auburn Riverside 13, South Kitsap 1
4:15 Shorewood 24, Newport 22
5:00 Gig Harbor 11, Wilson 10
7:00 Bellevue 11, Sammamish 2
8:30 Mercer Island 18, Roosevelt 10

Tuesday, October 25
5:30 Enumclaw 12, Auburn Riverside 19
7:00 Emerald Ridge 18, Lakes 8
7:20 Gig Harbor 1, Curtis 19
7:30 Kentwood at Auburn Mountainview (Auburn)
7:30 Rogers 10, Puyallup 18
9:00 Mercer Island 25, Shorewood 15

Wednesday, October 26
4:00 Peninsula 12, South Kitsap 10
4:15 Inglemoor 3, Bellevue 21
6:00 Stadium 0, Gig Harbor 5 (forfeit)
6:00 Bainbridge Island 16, Wilson 9
7:00 Newport at Sammamish (Phantom Lake)
9:00 Roosevelt 12, Ballard 8

Thursday, October 27
7:00 Auburn Riverside at Lakes
7:00 Curtis 19, Mark Morris 1
7:00 Kentwood at Sammamish (Phantom Lake)
7:15 Auburn Mountainview at Rogers
7:30 Emerald Ridge 19, Enumclaw 7
7:30 Gig Harbor 4, Puyallup 15

Friday, October 28
7:00 South Kitsap at Auburn
7:30 Enumclaw 6, Puyallup 14

Saturday, October 28
2:00 Kentridge Tournament at Lindbergh HS

Two More Weeks

photo courtesy Terri Percival

Two weeks remain in regular season play in boys high school water polo in Washington State. 28 varsity games are scheduled for this week; 21 are league games.

Post-season play begins on November 4 with the state's two Regional Tournaments.

Listed below is this week's schedule of games, as posted on the officials' web site. Game times and locations are subject to change, so please confirm with your team.

Monday, October 17
7:00 Emerald Ridge 19, Mark Morris 5
7:30 Wilson at Puyallup
8:45 Bellevue 13, Roosevelt 9

Tuesday, October 18
4:00 Wilson 18, South Kitsap 3
4:15 Mercer Island 15, Newport 5
6:00 Stadium at Peninsula
7:15 Auburn at Rogers
7:20 Lakes 3, Curtis 19
7:30 Gig Harbor 6, Bainbridge Island 11
7:30 Auburn Mountainview 13, Puyallup 14
9:00 Inglemoor 6, Shorewood 21
9:20 Kentridge 23, Kentwood 7

Wednesday, October 19
7:00 Auburn Mountainview at Lakes
7:00 Rogers at Mark Morris
7:30 Puyallup 14, Emerald Ridge 6
9:00 Sammamish at Ballard (Helene Madison)

Thursday, October 20
5:30 Kentridge 20, Auburn Riverside 6
6:15 Shorewood 9, Bellevue 17
7:20 Bainbridge Island at Curtis
7:30 Kentwood 12, Auburn 17
7:30 Auburn Mountainview 17, Enumclaw 8
7:45 Ballard 4, Mercer Island 10
8:15 Sammamish at Inglemoor (Aqua Club)
8:30 Newport 15, Roosevelt 18

Friday, October 21
4:00 Auburn 14, South Kitsap 11
7:00 Emerald Ridge at Stadium
7:15 Auburn Riverside at Rogers

Saturday, October 22
2:30 Stadium 11, Enumclaw 12
6:00 Rogers 13, Emerald Ridge 12

Flop Friday at the Enumclaw Pool

Puyallup Game Cancelled

The Saturday, October 15 home game vs Puyallup has been cancelled, due to the lack of available officials. Follow this site, or Twitter @EnumclawPolo, for any schedule updates.

League Standings Update

With two weeks of league games remaining, and two or three league games remaining for most teams. the league commissioner has released the current standings, based on posted scores available on Thursday. All league games will be completed by October 28.

The top four teams from each division will advance to the Regional Tournaments held November 4th and 5th. The top four teams from the North and East Divisions will compete in the Region I Tournament at Rogers High School. Curtis High School will host the Region II Tournament, with the top four teams from the South and West Divisions competing for the chance to advance to State.

The top four teams from each Regional Tournament will advance to the State Championship Tournament, held November 10-12 at Curtis High School.

Three Weeks Left in Regular Season

League play continues in Washington State's boys water polo season, with three weeks remaining in the regular season. League play concludes October 29. Post-season play starts on November 4 with two Regional Tournaments.

Listed below are this week's games, as posted on the officials' web site. Game times and locations are subject to change.

Monday, October 10
4:00 Stadium 8, South Kitsap 5
4:15 Newport 3, Bellevue 15
7:30 Lakes 3, Puyallup 16
8:00 Wilson 6, Bainbridge Island 26
8:15 Mercer Island 17, Inglemoor 11
8:30 Sammamish 9, Roosevelt 14
9:00 Ballard at Shorewood (Shoreline)

Tuesday, October 11
7:15 Kentwood 5Rogers 23
7:20 Emerald Ridge 1, Curtis 19
7:30 Auburn at Auburn Mountainview (Auburn)
7:30 Shorewood 12, Bainbridge Island 21
7:30 Mark Morris 1, Puyallup 20
8:15 Enumclaw 4, Kentridge 17

Wednesday, October 12
4:00 Bainbridge Island 16, South Kitsap 1
4:15 Ballard at Newport (Newport Hills)
6:00 Peninsula 6, Gig Harbor 19
7:00 Shorewood at Sammamish (Phantom Lake)
7:00 Wilson at Stadium
7:15 Enumclaw 11, Rogers 18
7:45 Bellevue 11, Mercer Island 4
8:15 Roosevelt 5, Inglemoor 0 forfeit

Thursday, October 13
7:00 Enumclaw 15Lakes 16 OT
7:00 Auburn Mountainview at Stadium
7:20 Newport 2Curtis 19
7:30 Wilson at Auburn Mountainview (Auburn)
9:20 Auburn at Kentwood (Covington)

Friday, October 14
7:15 Lakes at Rogers
8:30 Sammamish at Kentridge (Lindbergh)

Saturday, October 15
1:30 Auburn at Peninsula
Puget Sound Polo Tournament at Curtis
8:00 Curtis 14, Mercer Island 2
9:00 Bellevue 13, Newport 2
10:00 Summit 10, Lakeridge 6
11:00 Newberg 14, Mt. View 5
12:00 Curtis 16, Lakeridge 3
1:00 Summit 8, Mercer Island 11
2:00 Bellevue 18, Mt. View 4
3:00 Newberg 15, Newport 5
4:00 Lakeridge 4, Mercer Island 9
5:00 Curtis 14, Summit 4

Sunday, October 16
Puget Sound Polo Tournament at Curtis
8:00 Mt. View 11, Newport 7
9:00 Bellevue 10, Newberg 7
10:00 Newport 5, Summit 12
11:00 Lakeridge 12, Mt. View 3
12:00 Curtis 12, Newberg 5
1:00 Bellevue 8, Mercer Island 7
3:00 Lakeridge 10, Newport 5
4:00 Mercer Island 9, Newberg 7
5:00 Curtis 9, Bellevue 4

Division Standings Taking Shape

photo courtesy Terri Percival
As boys water polo season enters the fourth week of the regular season, league standings are taking shape.

League standings, as reported by league officials, are listed below. Most teams start their second round of league play this week.

This week's schedule is below, as posted on the officials' online schedule. All game times and locations are subject to change.

Monday, October 3
6:00 Wilson 7, Gig Harbor 12
7:00 Kentwood 8, Stadium 13
7:15 Curtis 19, Rogers 2

Tuesday, October 4
4:15 Sammamish at Newport (Newport Hills)
5:30 Enumclaw 7, Auburn 16
6:00 Bainbridge Island 20, Peninsula 2
7:00 South Kitsap 4, Stadium 7
7:30 Auburn Riverside 5, Auburn Mountainview 17
7:45 Shorewood 13, Mercer Island 23
8:15 Bellevue 7, Inglemoor 1

Wednesday, October 5
5:15 Rogers at Emerald Ridge (Puyallup)
7:00 Mark Morris at Lakes
7:30 Kentwood 11, Enumclaw 16
7:30 Curtis 19, Puyallup 3

Thursday, October 6
4:00 Gig Harbor 19, South Kitsap 4
4:15 Inglemoor at Newport (Newport Hills)
6:00 Peninsula 3, Wilson 17
7:00 Mercer Island at Sammamish (Phantom Lake)
7:30 Auburn 13, Auburn Riverside 17
7:30 Stadium 4, Bainbridge Island 23
8:15 Auburn Mountainview at Kentridge (Lindbergh)
9:00 Roosevelt 15, Shorewood 12

Friday, October 7
5:30 Kentridge 8, Bainbridge Island 5

Saturday, October 8
11:00 Lakes 9, Mark Morris 6

Water Polo Season Enters Week Three

photo courtesy Terri Percival
The Washington State boys high school water polo season starts the third week of regular season play on Monday, September 26, with 25 regular season games through the week, and the Emerald Ridge Tournament at Rogers High School on Friday and Saturday.

This week's games are listed below, as scheduled on the officials' web site. Game times and locations are subject to change; please confirm with your team.

Monday, September 26
4:15 Roosevelt 8, Bellevue 9
6:00 Bainbridge Island 10, Gig Harbor 6
7:30 Emerald Ridge 4, Puyallup 18

Tuesday, September 27
4:15 Roosevelt at Newport
6:00 South Kitsap at Wilson (Mt. Tahoma)
7:00 Inglemoor at Sammamish (Phantom Lake)
7:00 Peninsula 8, Stadium 10
7:30 Enumclaw 13, Auburn Mountainview 16
7:30 Kentwood 1, Puyallup 16
8:15 Auburn Riverside 4, Kentridge 25
8:30 Mercer Island 16, Ballard 5
9:00 Bellevue 17, Shorewood 7

Wednesday, September 28
5:15 Lakes at Emerald Ridge (Puyallup)
7:15 Puyallup 14, Rogers 3
7:30 Auburn Riverside 19 , Enumclaw 15

Thursday, September 29
6:00 South Kitsap at Peninsula
6:15 Sammamish 2, Bellevue 14
7:00 Gig Harbor 17, Stadium 6
7:20 Mark Morris 0, Curtis 19
7:30 Kentridge 19, Auburn 6
7:30 Wilson at Bainbridge Island
7:45 Roosevelt 8, Mercer Island 7
8:15 Ballard at Inglemoor (Aqua Club)
9:00 Newport 16, Shorewood 20
9:20 Auburn Mountainview at Kentwood (Covington)

Friday, September 30
Emerald Ridge Tournament at Rogers HS

Saturday, October 1
Emerald Ridge Tournament at Rogers HS

CWPA NW Division Opens Play This Weekend

The Collegiate Water Polo Association's Men's Water Polo Northwest Division opens play on Saturday, October 1 at the University of Oregon, in Eugene, OR.
The CWPA's Northwest Division has six teams this year, from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, including teams from the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, the University of Washington, Washington State University, Western Washington University, and the University of British Columbia.
The teams will compete in a tournament on October 1 and 2 at the University of Oregon, followed by another tournament October 8 and 9 at Oregon State University. The Northwest Division Championship will be on October 22 and 23 at Washington State University, in Pullman, WA.
Click here for game schedules and results.

Genai Kerr Brings Clinic to Port Orchard

USA Water Polo Olympian Genai Kerr returns to the Northwest on Saturday, hosting the Nike 5meter Water Polo Clinic at South Kitsap High School in Port Orchard, WA.
Kerr is a USA Water Polo Olympian, coach, mentor, and true ambassador of the sport.  He was a member of the United States Men's National Water Polo Team for 12 years and played in the 2004 Athens Olympics, 2003 & 2007 Pan American Gold Medal games, and multiple World Championships.
Whether you are learning the rules of water polo and how to eggbeater or preparing for college level competition, Genai's clinic is a great experience. The clinic is on Saturday, October 1, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at South Kitsap High School, and costs $125.
Click here for more information.

Second Week of Season Under Way

Boys water polo season enters their second week of play this week in Washington State, with 25 varsity games scheduled for the week.

Listed below are the games scheduled for the week, as scheduled on the officials' web site. Game times and locations are subject to change, so please check with your team. We will post results on this site and our Twitter feed @EnumclawPolo as they become available.

Monday, September 19
5:15 Kentridge at Emerald Ridge (Puyallup)
7:00 Bainbridge Island 22, Stadium 5

Tuesday, September 20
6:00 Stadium 0, Wilson 5 forfeit
6:00 Gig Harbor 25, Peninsula 7
6:15 Mercer Island 11, Bellevue 12
7:00 Rogers 23, Lakes 8
7:30 South Kitsap 1, Bainbridge Island 21
8:15 Auburn 14, Kentridge 21
8:30 Inglemoor at Roosevelt (Helene Madison)
9:00 Sammamish at Shorewood (Shoreline)

Wednesday, September 21
5:15 Curtis 19, Emerald Ridge 3
7:00 Puyallup 14, Mark Morris 4
9:00 Newport at Ballard (Helene Madison)

Thursday, September 22
5:15 Peninsula at Emerald Ridge (Puyallup)
5:30 Kentwood 0, Auburn Riverside 5 (Forfeit)
6:20 Wilson 2, Curtis 19
7:00 Ballard at Sammamish (Phantom Lake)
7:30 Auburn Mountainview 14, Auburn 12
7:30 Kentridge 21, Enumclaw 3
7:30 Stadium at Puyallup
7:45 Newport 4, Mercer Island 14
8:15 Shorewood at Inglemoor (Aqua Club)

Friday, September 23
7:15 Stadium at Rogers

Saturday, September 24
11:30 Peninsula at Lakes
2:30 South Kitsap 18, Enumclaw 14

Hornets Start League Play vs Auburn

The Enumclaw High School Boys Water Polo Team opens their regular season on Tuesday, September 12, hosting the Auburn Trojans in a league game at 7:30.

The young Hornet squad wrapped up their pre-season on Friday at the Emerald Ridge Jamboree, at Puyallup's Rogers High School.

The Hornets battled hard in all three jamboree games, losing 10-8 to Rogers, 11-7 to Kentridge, and beating Emerald Ridge 9-6.

This year's Enumclaw squad is small, with just 10 players. Returning for the Hornets from last year's team are juniors Kyle Morgan, Adam Percival, and Vahid Hosoda, and sophomores Ben Hauswirth and Chase Maris. Tim Arensdorf, Miles Kratzer, Christopher Morgan, Brandon Stark, and Cody Williams are turning out for their first season.

The Hornets host Auburn on Tuesday, then travel to Covington on Thursday for a 9:20 p.m. game against Kentwood. Both are league games. On Saturday morning the Hornets play three games at the Auburn School District Tournament - at 8:50 vs Ballard, 9:40 vs Auburn, and 11:20 vs Emerald Ridge.

Regular Season Play Begins This Week

Boys water polo season opens in Washington State on Monday, September 12, with league play throughout the week, and the Auburn School District Tournament on Friday and Saturday.

Listed below are the games scheduled for the week, as scheduled on the officials' web site. Game times and locations are subject to change, so check with your team. We will post results on this site and our Twitter feed @EnumclawPolo as they become available.

Monday, September 12
4:15 Ballard 3, Bellevue 12
7:45 Sammamish 11Mercer Island 16
8:15 Newport 17, Inglemoor 5
8:3- Peninsula 3Bainbridge Island 20
8:30 Shorewood 11, Roosevelt 24

Tuesday, September 13
5:15 Mark Morris 4, Emerald Ridge 19
7:00 Puyallup 16, Lakes 1
7:20 Rogers 0, Curtis 19
7:30 Auburn Mountainview19, Auburn Riverside 13
7:30 Auburn 18, Enumclaw 9
8:15 Kentwood 7Kentridge 23

Wednesday, September 14
4:15 Bellevue 11, Newport 6
6:00 South Kitsap 1, Gig Harbor 13
7:00 Roosevelt 12, Sammamish 9
7:00 Bainbridge Island 22, Stadium 5
7:45 Inglemoor 4, Mercer Island 19
9:00 Shorewood at Ballard (Helene Madison)

Thursday, September 15
5:30 Kentridge 16, Auburn Mounatinview 7
6:00 Wilson 18, Peninsula 2
7:15 Emerald Ridge 10, Rogers 4
7:20 Puyallup 4, Curtis 19
7:30 Auburn Riverside 13, Auburn 9
9:20 Enumclaw 15, Kentwood 18

Friday, September 16
Auburn School District Tournament
Auburn HS Pool, 800 4th ST NE, Auburn
3:00 Kentridge vs Auburn Riverside
3:40 Puyallup 5, Gig Harbor 6
4:20 Shorewood vs Kentridge
5:00 Auburn Riverside vs Puyallup
5:40 Gig Harbor 12, Shorewood 9
6:20 Kentridge vs Puyallup
7:00 Auburn Riverside 7, Gig Harbor 13
7:40 Puyallup vs Shorewood
8:20 9:00 Shorewood vs Auburn Riverside

Saturday, September 17
11:00 Bellevue 4, Curtis 12
Auburn School District Tournament
Auburn HS Pool, 800 4th ST NE, Auburn
8:00 Emerald Ridge vs Auburn
8:50 Enumclaw 4, Ballard 10
9:40 Enumclaw 5, Auburn 7
10:30 Ballard vs Emerald Ridge
11:20 Enumclaw 5, Emerald Ridge 8
12:10 Auburn vs Ballard
1:00 Stadium vs Mark Morris
1:50 Sammamish vs South Kitsap
2:40 Sammamish vs Mark Morris
3:30 Stadium vs South Kitsap
4:20 Mark Morris vs South Kitsap
5:10 Sammamish vs Stadium

Competition Starts Up This Week

Competitive play for high school boys water polo starts up this week in Washington State, with  two non-league games on Thursday, and jamborees on Friday and Saturday. League play will start next week.

Enumclaw Water Polo will post each week's game schedules and results through the season. Follow this site and our Twitter feed @EnumclawPolo to stay up to date with high school water polo action in Washington. best of luck to all the teams this season!

Thursday, September 8
7:30 Auburn Riverside 9Bainbridge Island 20
8:15 Inglemoor 4Kentridge 16

Friday, September 9
Emerald Ridge Jamboree at Rogers HS
3:30 Emerald Ridge vs Auburn Riverside
4:00 Rogers 10, Enumclaw 8
4:30 Gig Harbor vs Kentridge
5:00 Auburn Riverside vs Kentwood
5:30 Peninsula vs Emerald Ridge
6:00 Enumclaw 7, Kentridge 11
6:30 Auburn Riverside vs Rogers
7:00 Kentwood vs Gig Harbor
7:30 Peninsula vs Kentridge
8:00 Emerald Ridge 6, Enumclaw 9
8:30 Peninsula vs Kentwood
9:00 Rogers vs Gig Harbor

Saturday, September 10
Curtis Jamboree
9:30 Curtis White vs Bainbridge Island
10:00 Auburn Mountainview vs Newport
10:30 Wilson vs Curtis Blue
11:00 Puyallup vs Mercer Island
11:30 Curtis White vs Newport
12:00 Wilson vs Auburn Mountainview
12:30 Bainbridge Island vs Curtis Blue
1:00 Puyallup vs Newport
1:30 Wilson vs Mercer Island
2:00 Auburn Mountainview vs Curtis Blue
2:30 Puyallup vs Bainbridge Island
3:00 Curtis White vs Mercer Island

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Boys Water Polo Season Gets Under Way

photo by Annie Birklid
High school boys water polo season got under way last Monday, August 22, as the state's 26 boys water polo teams opened practice.

Competition gets under way after Labor Day, with a jamboree at Rogers High School on Friday, September 9, and at Curtis High School on Saturday, September 10, and concludes with the State Championship Tournament at Curtis High School, November 10-12.

The state's teams are organized into four divisions. The top four teams in each division at the end of the regular season will advance to Regional Tournaments, held November 4 & 5, at Curtis High School and Rogers High School. The top four teams from each division will advance to the State Tournament.

Follow this site, and our Twitter feed, @EnumclawPolo, for weekly results and schedules throughout the season.

Best of luck to all the teams this season!

2016 Enumclaw HS Boys Water Polo Schedule

Hornets Wrap Up Season with Awards Banquet

The Enumclaw High School Girls Water Polo Team ended their 2016 season with their annual Awards Banquet on Thursday, June 2 at the Enumclaw High School library.

The Hornets finished their season with a 24-8 record, an East Division title, and a seventh place finish at the 2016 Washington State Championship Tournament. This was Enumclaw's second consecutive East Division title, and 11th straight year advancing to the State Tournament.

Several Hornets earned individual honors, too. Seniors Anna Davenport, Hannah Simurdak, and Grace Sales were named to the First Team All-Division Team. Junior Grace Rich and sophomore Morgan Hall earned Second Team All-Division honors, and senior Lauren Pratt earned All-Division Honorable Mention. Hall also earned All State Tournament Honorable Mention.

The team also awarded team honors at the banquet, as voted on by the players. The Hornets recognized first-year junior Jordan Lawson as the Most Improved Player. Senior captain Grace Sales was awarded the 110% Award, and senior captain Brandi Meneghini was voted Most Inspirational Player. Senior Hannah Simurdak was voted Most Valuable Defensive Player, and senior captain Anna Davenport was named Most Valuable Offensive Player. Sophomore goalkeeper Morgan Hall claimed the Coaches' Award.

Congratulations, Hornets, on a great season!

Washington State Final Standings, All-State Teams

The Washington State Tournament concluded last Saturday, with the Gig Harbor Tides claiming the State Championship.

Washington State Final Results:
1. Gig Harbor
2. Curtis
3. Newport
4. Bellevue
5. Puyallup
6. Mercer Island
7. Enumclaw
8. Lakes

In addition, individual awards were announced after the Championship Game.

All Tournament Most Valuable Player
Alana Ponce - Gig Harbor

All Tournament Most Valuable Defensive Player
Mac Higgins - Curtis

All Tournament Goalie
Olivia Lott - Gig Harbor

Coach of the Year
Travis Braddock - Puyallup

1st All State Tournament Team
Alana Ponce - Gig Harbor
Olivia Lott - Gig Harbor
Sierra Coalson - Gig Harbor
Mac Higgins - Curtis
Hannah Redden - Curtis
Analise Nahlin - Newport
Morgan Baker - Bellevue

2nd All State Tournament Team
Lindsey Moon - Gig Harbor
Jenna Anderson - Gig Harbor
Quinn Freeby - Curtis
Katie Van Zonneveld - Curtis
Anatasia Bondorenko - Newport
Izzy Stroobandt - Newport
Alexis Taber - Bellevue

All State Tournament Honorable Mention
Kenzie Bailey - Gig Harbor
Dannell Idio - Curtis
Lailey Khatibloo - Newport
Maggie Ugelstad - Bellevue
Mackenzie Davidson - Puyallup
Aubrey McCready - Puyallup
Maddie Joy - Puyallup
Jacqui Li - Mercer Island
Davis Simmons - Mercer Island
Morgan Hall - Bellevue
Amber Hamil - Lakes