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October Competition Heats Up

The final month of boys water polo competition starts up, with 23 games scheduled this week as the teams prepare for post-season play. Auburn Riverside will host a JV Tournament on Saturday, with 10 JV teams taking part.

This week's scheduled games are listed below. As always, dates, times, and locations are subject to change, so please confirm your team's schedule with team representatives. Best of Luck to all teams!

Monday, October 5
5:30 Curtis 19 at Puyallup 10
7:30 South Kitsap 8 at Gig Harbor 19

Tuesday, October 6
5:10 Wilson 9 at Bainbridge Island 14
5:30 Enumclaw 7 at Auburn Riverside 12 (Auburn)
7:00 Rogers at Mark Morris
7:30 Auburn Mountainview 19 at Auburn 5
7:30 Stadium 18 at Peninsula 15
7:30 Newport at Sammamish (Samena)
8:45 Kentwood at Kentridge (Lindbergh)
9:00 Mercer Island 18 at Shorewood 7 (Shoreline)

Wednesday, October 7
7:15 Puyallup 13 at Rogers 9
8:30 Emerald Ridge 4 at Enumclaw 15

Thursday, October 8
4:00 Peninsula 13 at South Kitsap 24
5:45 Shorewood at Bellevue 20 (Woodridge)
6:20 Emerald Ridge 0 at Curtis 19
6:30 Bainbridge Island 13 at Stadium 8
6:30 Gig Harbor 15 at Wilson 8
7:00 Kentridge 11 at Auburn Mountainview 6 (Auburn)
8:30 Auburn 8 at Enumclaw 9
8:45 Mercer Island 13 at Roosevelt 14 (Helene Madison)

Friday, October 9
5:45 Auburn Mountainview at Newport (Newport Hills)
7:30 Enumclaw 4 at Gig Harbor 8

Saturday, October 10
XXAuburn Riverside JV Tournament
XXAuburn HS Pool, 516 4th Street NE, Auburn WA
XX7:00 Auburn Riverside vs. Rogers
XX7:30 Curtis vs. Newport
XX8:00 Auburn Riverside vs, Curtis
XX8:30 Newport vs. Rogers
XX9:00 Newport vs. Auburn Riverside
XX9:30 Rogers vs. Curtis
XX10:00 Mercer Island vs. Auburn Riverside
XX10:30 Auburn vs. Newport
XX11:00 Curtis vs. Mercer Island
XX11:30 Rogers vs. Auburn
XX12:00 Mercer Island vs. Gig Harbor
XX12:30 Auburn Mountainview vs. Auburn
XX1:00 Puyallup vs. Mercer Island
XX1:30 Auburn vs. Bellevue
XX2:00 Gig Harbor vs. Auburn Mountainview
XX2:30 Gig Harbor vs. Bellevue
XX3:00 Auburn Mountainview vs. Puyallup
XX3:30 Bellevue vs. Puyallup    
XX4:00 Bellevue vs. Auburn Mountainview
XX4:30 Puyallup vs. Gig Harbor 
5:45 Auburn Riverside 11 at Kentwood 7 (Covington)